Marine Industrial Coatings

During offloading, movement of men and machinery or equipment, standard surface coating on maritime structures gets destroyed due to repeated impact loading and abrasion. Corrosion is another threat that costs billions of dollars each year for its prevention and control. Thus, Protection for onshore or offshore infrastructure, equipment or marine vessels against fresh or salt water corrosion and surface degradation due to extreme temperature exposure or impact loading becomes a huge challenge to face.

LIQUID ARMOUR provides one point solution to the marine industry. It is the perfect coating application for protecting marine assets. This coating is extremely lightweight and flexible. Besides, it also possess high tearing strength and tensile strength. It creates an air tight, skid resistant and water resistant sealing over the marine element’s surface which protects it against corrosion, abrasion and impact loads.

LIQUID ARMOUR, which is a two part solution with no volatile organic component, can be easily spray coated at high pressure and temperature using special spray apparatus. When applied, it gets cured within 5-6 seconds forming a monolithic membrane thus reducing downtime.

Cutting Edge Technology


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