Mining Protective Coatings


Hardshell’s LIQUID ARMOUR provide industrial-strength protection because it can be applied significantly thicker than many other coatings in the market. This coating act as a sacrificial coating that protects all sorts of mining equipment from abrasion and impact. It is a fire resistant coating has the capacity to perform well in wide spectrum of temperature and humidity. Besides providing corrosion resistance, impact protection and abrasion resistance, LIQUID ARMOUR coatings also reduce noise and vibration. It is found that excessive noise and vibrations are other factors which may cause wearing of various machine elements using in mining operations. These coatings do not contain any volatile organic compound and thus they are environmental friendly. They are the optimal solutions for reducing costs and increasing equipment return on investment in mining and aggregate operations. It is pretty simple to spray the LIQUID ARMOUR coating on any type of equipment of  any shape or size or material to provide a durable, seamless, monolithic barrier against the toughest conditions of any mine.

Cutting Edge Technology


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