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Concrete, being versatile, durable and easy to use, is regarded as the most widely used building material. But it is also a known fact that random cracks in concrete can make easy pavements for water, salts, chemicals etc. to seep in. Adverse environmental conditions can also pose a great threat to concrete, it being porous in nature. During freeze-thaw weathering, small cracks in concrete gets filled with water which later freezes to ice. As the ice expands, crack size gets much broader and wider. This can cause serious threats to the structural ability of the building. The best way to get rid of this serious problem is to coat concrete with a waterproof coating.

LIQUID ARMOUR spray coatings can be applied in a wide range of conditions because this coating has the capacity to remain intact even in harsher environments. The properties like abrasion resistance, high cure speed, water resistance, and chemical resistance never get affected by humidity or low ambient temperature. The coating like a liquid film, wraps itself around the cracks. Due to rapid curing, it becomes harden within a few hours and thus cracks get healed properly. It is best suited for coating concrete in construction applications, such as roof repairs, car park decks and bridges.

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