Transportation Coatings

Automotive vehicles on road are exposed to the negative effects of highway debris, excessive moisture, extreme weather, and more. Besides, they get an equal threat from rust, corrosion, and abrasion. Additionally, heavy impacts, hazardous chemicals, and extreme working conditions can accelerate their aging resulting in rapid degradation of the vehicle body.

 LIQUID ARMOUR spray coating is the most cost-effective and long-lasting solution to increase the life of automotive vehicles. Being highly elastic and impact resistant, it is an ideal coating material for hard working areas like truck beds. Absence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) makes it quite environmental friendly. It is both water and chemical resistant. It works well in a wide range of ambient temperature. LIQUID ARMOUR spray on vehicle bed liner dries faster than any other polymer. This makes it favorable for vehicle owners having their vehicles sprayed, as they can put the vehicle back into use very quickly after application. LIQUID ARMOUR coatings works effectively against vibrations and resonance. This coating itself is like a seamless corrosion resistant barrier which imparts additional impact and damage resistance to the vehicle and thus improves its durability and life span.

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