Corrosion-Metal Protective Coating

Extreme corrosion can lead to failure of engineered components. These failures can possibly be prevented by a combination of correct material selection and surface coatings. Liquid Armour®- Anti-Corrosion coatings protect the components against degradation due to salt spray, moisture, oxidation or exposure to different types of environmental and industrial chemicals.

Liquid Armour® coating provides added protection to the surfaces and performs as a barrier to impede the contact between chemical composites or corrosive materials. Liquid Armour® coatings also provide a bonus of abrasion resistance, non-stick performance and chemical protection.

Liquid Armour Coatings with anti-corrosive properties ensure the substrate to have the longest possible lifespan. It provides excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces. It is the revolutionizing protection engineered with advance nano technology.

Liquid Armour coating system is highly durable, seamless, UV resistant, weather resistant, protective layer and easily applied by specialized spray gun.

Liquid Armour® coating is highly recommended for chemical plants, oil refineries, public utility works, and other facilities for anti-corrosion protection for the components. Also it can be used to enhance the lifespan of marine assets like ships, offshore oil drilling rigs and production platforms and other structures.

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