Protective Coatings For Oil and Gas Pipelines

In recent years, the world has witnessed heavy increase in the dependence on fossil fuels for heating, transportation, agriculture, defense and manufacturing. Consequently, their Transportation and storage require safe, reliable containment, and spill prevention measures in place.Pipelines for transporting Oil and gas are a critical part of worldwide infrastructures because huge investment cost is associated with it. Chemicals, sludge, humidity, and high temperature exposure may cause corrode pipelines or other fuel storage units, which causes leaks and spillages leading to serious impacts on both life and the environment Thus, protecting such valuable assets against corrosion and other damage presents a technical challenge.

LIQUID ARMOUR, a product by Hardshell, has the perfect formulation of polyurea with additives that has the potential to contain and protect most harsh solutions and chemicals like fossil fuels which other coatings can’t. It has outstanding mechanical properties like high tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength and hardness. Hardshell’s LIQUID ARMOUR sprayed products have shown excellent performance even in extreme harsh weather conditions like cold, heat, soggy humidity, brittle dryness and freeze-thaw cycle expansion and contraction without degradation.LIQUID ARMOUR Coating has a competitive edge over other traditional coating products in physical properties, performance, protection, durability, application, installation time and cost & savings. It is an internationally acclaimed best monolithic, fast setting, elastomeric and chemical resistant polyureabased coating in the industry. Talk to us today to keep your oil and gas tanks or pipelines stronger, longer and avoid the lost time and money of constantly replacing your oil and gas pipelines and tanks.

Cutting Edge Technology


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