Hardshell’s LIQUID ARMOUR is Hardshell’s patented technology. These are advanced Polyurea based lightweight multi-component polymer coatings that have outstanding mechanical and chemical properties that make them ideal solutions for various industrial and domestic applications with design life in excess of 50 years and density around eight times less than that of its steel counterpart. The properties of LIQUID ARMOUR can be modified by the blending ratios and the processing parameters during production so as to meet the desired application needs. Some of the sectors which LIQUID ARMOUR serves are :-



Oil and Gas

Military and Security

Blast mitigation


Water treatment

….and much more

Some of the typical LIQUID ARMOUR HS properties that make them too special are:

100% solids, no solvents, and no VOCs, eco-friendly Tear resistance- 128.70 KN/m Monolythic coating
Hardness – Shore A, 95 & Shore D, 59 Fast set and cure, low downtime Hydrophobic, resistant to humidity
Tensile strength- 35.77 MPa ( 5,940 Psi) Ability to texturize for anti-skid surface Applied directly to the substrate with minimal surface preparation
Elongation -480 % Thermal and sound insulating properties Excellent abrasion resistant.

Any of these properties can be tailored to the client’s particular application.


Research and Development

Hard Shell was founded with the goal of saving the lives of those who protect us.

We are committed to investing in ongoing research and development of new methods and next generation materials in order to increase the performance of our protection solutions.

Hard Shell’s diverse research teams includes scientists, engineers and experienced ex-defense personnel who engage in the design and extensive testing of our protection solutions. You can count on our unwavering commitment to quality across a broad range of high performance protection solutions and services, for the defense & security of personnel & property.



We at Hard Shell, are constantly striving to develop innovative technologies which will increase the strength, durability and reliability of our products. In our quest to create lighter and stronger materials, we have developed a unique (patent pending) process for manufacturing our next generation of advanced polymer coatings.



Corporate and Social Responsibility

“VOC’s” (Volatile Organic Compounds) have been deemed harmful to people, wildlife, and our environment. We at Hard Shell are dedicated to use VOC-Free components in the formulations of all of our products.

“100% Solids” indicate that our products do not rely on any type of solvent or filler as the catalyst to create our coatings.

Cutting Edge Technology


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